What is .NET Core?

We were receiving a lot of requests to briefly describe and cover the topic of .NET Core. We can understand that it bit generic and a big topic to cover but we have tried our best to provide the best about what is .NET Core in this post.


Let’s have a look at the agenda, in this post we will learn and try to give the precise answers of

  • What is .NET core?
  • Where can we develop applications using .NET core?
  • What can we develop with the .NET core?
  • Features of .NET core.
  • Language Support
  • Package management
  • Community

What is .NET Core?

.NET core is an open-source and cross-platform framework that is used for building several types of applications. Microsoft supports .NET core so since we have to develop applications in the .NET core framework. Now let’s understand where can be developed .NET core applications. Remember, .NET Core is a cross-platform framework to use several types of machines for the development of ASP.NET Core applications. We can use Windows OS, Mac, and Linux. If you are coming from a .NET framework background, then you must know that the development of .NET framework applications were possible only under Windows OS now there is no dependency on the Windows .NET core is an open-source and closed platform framework so we can use Windows, Mac, Linux, and docker for the development of applications using .NET core.

What can we develop?

This means what type of applications can be developed using the .NET core framework. We can develop web applications inside the asp.net core. There are some types; we can create web applications using ASP.NET MVC framework, Web APIs, and Razor Pages. We can also develop micro-services with the help of the ASP.NET core.

We can develop mobile, console, desktop, IoT, cloud, and gaming applications. We can also use the .NET core for machine learning.

Features of .NET Core:

Here are the main features of the .NET core. NET core is completely free, no fees or license is required for the development of .NET Core applications. Even if you are developing your applications for commercial use, there is no need for any license or fees. .NET Core is completely free of cost and open-source, the entire code is available on GitHub. You can open this link in your browser. Since .NET Core is an open-source framework, so you can also contribute to the development and maintenance. .NET Core is cross-platform means we can develop and run our applications on multiple operating systems like Mac, Windows , and Linux OS. The most important .NET Core is supported by Microsoft.

So these are some main features of .NET Core is a free,

  • Open-Source Framework
  • Cross-Platform
  • Microsoft CLI support

Which is a command-line interface, so it means you can work on your applications with the help of command-line tools.

Supported Languages:

What are the main languages which are supported in the .NET Core framework

  • C#
  • VB (Visual Basic)
  • F#

These are the main language that is supported in .NET core framework. If you have any knowledge about these languages, then you can work on this framework with the help of any programming language.

In this link, you can see we have complete information about the community of .NET Core.

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