What is CoinList? CoinList User Guide

CoinList’s mission is to accelerate crypto adoption. To that end, the platform has developed a comprehensive service for users, integrating everything from trading tools to lending. Using this multi-service platform, users can buy, trade, stake and lend the newest and hottest cryptocurrencies. What is CoinList? CoinList became famous for offering token sale projects with the…

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What is a retroactive airdrop

What is a Retroactive Airdrop? Opportunity to Earn Money for Investors with Little Capital

In the past 2 years, many projects such as Uniswap, 1inch, dYdX, and Gitcoin … have held retroactive for their supporters early with the reward value up to hundreds of thousands of US dollars. What is retroactive? Opportunity to earn money for investors with little capital What is A Retroactive Airdrop in Detail? Retroactive is…

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What is Tokennomics

What is Tokenomics? Mastering The “Investment Game” Via Tokenomics Analysis

Tokenomics is the key to success for many Cryptocurrency investors. However, many people are not very interested in tokenomics. This is a wrong thought. Therefore, to master the game, investors need to understand what is tokenomics of each project. So, What is Tokennomics in Crypto Market? Tokenomics is a combination of tokens and economics, expressing…

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