What Is The Best Solana NFT Marketplace? Top 13 Platforms

What is the best solana NFT marketplace? This question can not be answered in a single line. There are many Solana NFT marketplaces each platform is different from the others in quality, user experience, trading volume, and audience. So I have listed below some top Solana NFT marketplaces with their pros, cons, and quality features.

Solana NFT marketplaces are built on the Solana blockchain. Anybody can build a marketplace on the Solana blockchain. Solana NFT blockchain is not old as the Ethereum blockchain. Solana blockchain became very popular because of its low feeses and good features. So there are many good Solana NFT marketplace, you can visit to buy, sell, or mint your NFT.

1. Magic Eden:

This is the most popular platform in the Solana NFT marketplaces which means it has a huge audience of NFT collectors and miners. Because of its user-friendly features that allow non-technical creators to mint their Solana NFTs on this platform very easily. Magic Eden doesn’t charge any listing fee but charges a 2% transaction fee on each NFT transaction. It allows NFT artists to set royalty cuts and earn whenever their NFT gets sold or resold.

This marketplace has 7000 plus NFT collections including one of the most popular NFT collections “Okay Bears.”. It also has many other successful collections.


  • 2% – Low transaction fees
  • No listing fee
  • Enormous selection options
  • User-friendly for non-techs
  • 13 wallet integration options
  • Good design layout
  • Great support for artists


  • IP-infringing projects cannot be screened out 

2. Solsea:

Solsea was launched in August 2021 and the cause behind making this Solana NFT marketplace is to make Solana NFTs minting and buying easy for the community. There is a different rarity score is used by solsea. This marketplace also has an NFT calendar that doesn’t let you miss the new collection. The ranking system of solsea is based on its private algorithm to rank NFTs. Solsea charges a 3% transaction fee on each NFT transaction which is higher than the average Solana marketplace.

Users can transfer funds to their wallets through FTX-Pay and Monday. This feature allows users to buy NFT using international currencies. This platform also allows artists to include licenses into their NFT smart contracts.


  • Payment with Fiat currencies available
  • IP functionality built-in
  • Adaptive licensing feature
  • Opportunities to grab new collection early with calendar feature
  • Creators have more control


  • The auction option is not available
  • 3% Transaction fees, which is higher than others
  • Not user-friendly design

3. Solanart:

Solanart is also one of the most popular Solana NFT marketplaces. Which is dedicated to solana NFTs only. Solanart allows users to mint, buy, or sell their NFTs. This platform charges a 3% transaction fee on each NFT transaction. NFT artists can set customized royalty fees for their NFTs. It also provides a wide option of wallets.


  • Collections of great quality
  • A broad range of wallet configuration
  • Easy to understand design layout


  • Higher transaction fees than average
  • A possible additional fee from the creators

4. DigitalEyes:

DigitalEyes was the first Solana NFT marketplace in the whole NFT space which allows users to mint, sell, or purchase NFTs on the Solana blockchain. There are many successful NFTs collections have been launched through this marketplace like Aurory and Galactic Gecko Space Garage. This Solana marketplace also charges a 2.5% transaction fee on each NFT sale or purchase. But there is one more additional fee is associated with this platform which is a service fee.


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Options for different wallets
  • NFT mint calendar
  • Wide range of NFT collections


  • High 2.5% transaction fee
  • Additional Service Fee
  • Additional royalty fees
  • A low rate of engagement
  • Fewer updates 

5. Metaplex:

Metabox is also one of the best solana marketplaces in the NFT space. Metabox is a little different from other Solana NFT marketplaces because it has a DAP (Decentralized Application) that prints and sells NFTs. The main focus of this marketplace is to build a community of artists who support each other instead of competing. Artists can create their storefronts of NFTs which they can use to showcase their NFT arts. This feature standout this Solana NFT marketplace from the other traditional collection style platforms. 


  • Unique style of selling art for arts
  • User-friendly


  • Limited wallet options

6. Exchange.Art:

This Solana NFT marketplace is very beginners friendly. Any beginner who wants to sell their digital art as an NFT can register on this platform. This marketplace majorly focuses on art-based unique NFTs instead of generative art NFTs. There is no registration fee for beginners on this platform but a 2.5% transaction fee is charged on each NFT transaction. Exchange.Art has every type of collection listed like paintings, illustrations, AI, Algorithm based, drawings, and many more.  Exchange.Art has a variety of tools in its creator management portal that help users to convert their digital art to NFTs.


  • Great platform for artist
  • Amazing tools for creators


  • Less no. of collections instead of others.
  • Do not provide good support to buyers.

7. Alpha.Art:

Alpha art is also a good Solana marketplace to sell and purchase NFTs however this platform doesn’t support the minting of NFTs. This platform does not charge any registration fees or listing fee but a 2% sales commission of each NFT sale. This solana NFT marketplace also supports various wallets like Slope, Phantom, Solflare, Ledger, etc. This platform also has the option of NFT staking that can be used to make a profit out of your NFT without selling.


  • Opportunity to stake NFTs
  • A few unique collections
  • Affordable fee structure


  • Limited collections to choose

8. Solport:

Most NFT collectors love this Solana NFT marketplace. Because of its amazing features like notifications from discord, telegram support, auction, and different scarcity. These options make this marketplace stand out from others. Solport does not charge any registration fees to users but it charges a 2% commission fee from sellers on each sale of NFT. 


  • Extraordinary features
  • Interactive and innovative collections
  • Affordable fees


  • Limited collections variety

9. Supadrop:

This Solana NFT marketplace is focused on individual artists who creates ultra unique digital arts using 3D video, Images, music, and HTML. Artists can promote their work through SuppaDrop’s weekly Artist Drop Part Sessions which is sponsored by Supadrop. This platform has a very affordable minting fee for artists which is 0.01 to 0.03 SOL.


  • Strong support to individual artists
  • ART is appreciated
  • Less minting fee


  • Fewer Collections

10. Artz.ai:

Artz.Ai is Solana NFT marketplace that provides NFT owners the freedom and more hold on their NFT with its solutions. This marketplace offers free listing but a 2% transaction fee like other marketplaces.


  • Low transaction fees
  • No listing or additional feeses
  • Decentralized Solana marketplace
  • More control of owners on NFTs


  • Fewer wallet options

11. FTX:

FTX is a very reputed cryptocurrency exchange that is used for trading and holding crypto. This platform recently launched the Solana NFT marketplace for NFTs collectors. This marketplace seems very promising because it is backed by a reputed company. Users can buy and sell their NFTs on this platform in an auction style which is a unique feature. FTX does not charge a listing fee.

12. Fractal:

Fractal Solana NFT marketplace specifically focuses on gaming NFT. It was introduced in December 2021 by the cofounder of twitch which is a streaming platform. Fractal is partnered with various gaming studios and continuously partnering up. There is a special feature of fractal that differentiate this marketplace from others, users can create their wallet by signing up with google. 

This platform also charges a 2% transaction fee.


  • Create a wallet with a simple google account
  • User Interface
  • low transaction fee


  • Specific gaming NFTs only

13. Form Function:

This is a new solana NFT marketplace which is not currently open for everyone and only works on the invite method. This thing makes this platform very limited for creators and collectors. But the team of form function is planning to make this marketplace public soon. Form function has a very user-friendly and clean layout design.

Users who want to signup have to fill out a short to join this marketplace.


  • Good design and navigation layout
  • Great support for independent creators


  • Limited Solana wallets 

Final thoughts on what is the best Solana NFT marketplaces:

Above I have tried to answer you all about what is the best solana NFT marketplace by lining up the best solana NFT marketplace with their features and specifications. You can choose Solana NFT marketplace above according to your preference but do not forget to do your own research before you go with any option. If you have any queries or suggestions,  write in the comments below. Thank you.

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