How To Turn On OpenSea Listing Alerts? Free Solution

If you’re an nft collector, you know that staying up-to-date on new listings is crucial to securing the best deals. Did you know that you can turn on opensea listing alerts for any collection? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to turn on listing alerts so you never miss a chance to snatch up a new piece of nft art.

How to turn on OpenSea listing alerts?

There is not a specific way to turn on OpenSea listing alerts. So you have to add the specific listing or collection to your watchlist. To get notified of any changes with the collection.

To add a specific NFT collection, search for your collection with its name, and open a listing of your choice. Click on “Add to watchlist”.

opensea listing alerts

There are many different ways to overcome this problem. Here I have found a very helpful video on this topic. I hope this video will help you with opensea listing alerts.

How to turn on opensea alerts or notifications?

This is very simple to change or enable any notifications you want to from your notification setting.

To do this first login to your opensea account and you will find the setting button when you hover on your profile picture.

how to turn on opensea listing alerts

Click on the settings button. Now you will have the option of notifications.

how to turn on opensea listing alerts

You can now change the notifications settings by your choice. You can also select the Minimum Bid Threshold in notification settings. By setting the Minimum Bid Threshold, you will only receive the notification when a bid is placed to equal or greater than your specified amount.

We hope this article helped you learn how to turn on opensea listing alerts for your favorite listings or collections.

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