What Is Initial Gaming Offering? 5 Ways to Analyze IGO Platforms to Raise Funds for Gaming Projects

IGO (Initial Gaming Offering) is a form of crowdfunding, specialized for the Online Game industry, applying Blockchain technology. It is similar to ICO which is Initial Coin Offering and IDO – Initial DEX Offering. It is a pre-sale of the tokens before they are listed on the exchange. While ICOs and IDOs can be for any type of token/project, IGO is, as the name suggests, just a crypto game.

So, What is Initial Gaming Offering and Purpose of IGO?

The purpose of the initial game offering –IGO is to raise funds for the next stages of game development, marketing, etc. The investment is at a very early stage and of course, carries some risk as there is no guarantee that the project will be completed or successful. However, the benefit of investing too early is that you are buying the token at the lowest possible price, and as a result, the value of the token will increase dramatically…and potentially much more in the future. future. The main rule of making big profits (as a percentage) in crypto is to get in early before the price goes up… and you can’t get into a project earlier than this (except of course. when you are one of the developers).

The Problems that The Game Industry is Facing

Currently, game publishers are still maintaining the traditional game publishing model. However, this model has many disadvantages:

  • Most of the time during development, players and developers have an opposing relationship. While one side wants to take advantage of the novelty and variety in the game to increase the enjoyment of playing the game. On the other hand, the developers always try to edit the tasks and parameters in the game to be able to exploit more players.
  • There is no insurance for valuable in-game items for players.
  • Lack of trading area, liquidity and exchange of in-game goods.

IGO is The trend of The Blockchain Gaming Industry

Recent reports show that the blockchain gaming sector has recorded impressive footprints in both the Game and Crypto industries as the space grew 121% in the number of active wallets and reached over 804,000 unique users. best.

With the rise of blockchain gaming, IGO is becoming the next trend in the crypto space. As proof, games like Axie Infinity (AXS), CryptoBlades (SKILL), and Alien Worlds (TLM) have thousands of daily active users. Axie Infinity is currently leading the way with over $1.1 billion in revenue so far in 2021.

Top 4 IGO Launchpads Platforms

Thanks to this widespread popularity, several IGO launchers have emerged, the most prominent of which are 4 platforms: Gamefi (GAFI), Enjinstarter (ENJINSTARTER), Game starter (GAME), Seedify (SFUND).


Seedify is an IGO incubator and launch pad for blockchain games on Binance Smart Chain. It was founded in early 2021 and has conducted 4 successful IGOs to date.

Additionally, Elrond, a leading blockchain network, has integrated Seedify Launchpad to enable IGOs to issue their tokens directly on the Elrond Network. As a result, Seedify’s all-time high IGO ROI is 55x and almost $730K of funds have been raised through IGO. The most successful IGO is CryptoMeda with 185x ROI.

How Does Seedify Work?

Seedify provides 9 levels. Each tier has a different aggregate volume and requires users to lock up $SFUND (Seedify Fund tokens). Tier 1 is the lottery pool, Tier 2 – Tier 9 are guaranteed pools.

In addition, 25% of tokens are distributed to token holders who are staking $SFUND. $SFUND holders can also staking tokens and earn Yeild farming rewards.


GameFi has been developed by the labs behind the Red Kite launcher, one of the largest IGO launchers in the ecosystem. It recently completed an Initial Game Offering (IGO) for Kaby Arena, a free2earn NFT game. As a result, IGO was so successful that within 48 hours of the event, the growth rate of the Kaby token was 17.55 times.

How GameFi Evaluates Projects?

GameFi offers different pools for the participants. Each group has a different position value.

Example: For DeathRoad IGO slot values are $100 and $40. The platform has “first come, first served” criteria, and the winner will earn a slot to participate in IGO.

As a result, the first IGO event raised over 48,000 USDT in GameFi. Since its inception, GameFi has completed 1 IGO, 1 community lending event, and 4 more IGOs coming soon.

Finally, the most important event happening around GameFi in September 2021 is its first token generation IDO event taking place on Red Kite, Maker DAO, and GameFi. However, the IDO Date is yet to be announced.


Gamestarter is a game-focused IGO launcher built on the Polygon Blockchain, which will be part of the Polygon gaming studio. Also, it is considered one of the most prominent layer 2 solutions, its native token $Game is already available on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and gate.io.

In fact, $GAME is among the top 10 launcher coins by current ROI.

Enjin Starter

It is a Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses focused launch pad built on Enjin’s Jumpnet. Some very important features of Enjin Starter built on Jumpnet include no gas fees for transactions, Yield farming for DeFi, and NFT.

Additionally, game creators can monetize their projects based on Enjin merchandise by selling NFTs. It is important to say that the Enjin Starter team has a strong background in the gaming industry, mentored by the CEO and CTO of Enjin, pioneers in the crypto gaming space and NFT space.

However, Enjin Starter has yet to announce a launchpad release date but the whitelist for the Token Generation Event is already live.

IGO Risk

One of the risks is that a game won’t be able to start. The developers have a great plan, but the game doesn’t work properly, or people don’t play it.

And of course, it’s also possible it’s a scam, the guys behind the game raise a lot of money with some good stories and then disappear. This has happened many times with previous ICOs. While you can never say for sure whether an investment through IGO will be profitable, you can protect yourself against risk by taking a close look at the project and how the IGO is organized.

7 ways to Evaluate IGO launchers with Big ROI

Requirement Rating or Launchpad Holder Tier

This is important because it affects the cost of joining an IGO and the number of tokens available for purchase.

  • There are two types of Launchpad holding requirements: Fixed tokens – You need to hold certain tokens to participate in IGO.
  • Launch Tier – A tier system based on the number of tokens held. As you hold more tokens, the number of tokens you can buy increases.

For example, In Polkastarter you can view the available projects inside the Pool section. Like in the picture below:

What is Initial Gaming Offering

Once you’re inside the project’s page, you can see all the requirements for holding the boot in the “Team Details” section.

Evaluate Attribution Type

Participants lock in the launch board’s native token selected through the lottery mechanism or the IGO slot machines. In this case, luck plays an important role. On the other hand, some IGO launchers offer guaranteed allocation. The cost of participation on these launchers is usually higher than on lottery IGOs.

Evaluation of Owner’s Rights

IGO participants must key their IGO launcpad native tokens to participate in token allocation. While some IGO launchers offer lottery tickets to users as a means of locking up tokens, others offer both lottery tickets and staking opportunities. This means that while users’ tokens are locked, participants can profit from them.

Evaluate Platform ROI

Evaluating return on investment (ROI) for already operational IGO systems is critical. Here are some of the best platforms:

This gives investors a general sense of the returns that investments can generate.

Rate the amount raised and the number of token generation events

It is important to know how much the IGO launcher platform raised and how many tokenization events were held during its time there.

This is an important statistic to determine if the platform is delivering quality initiatives to attract IGO members and is not a scam.

Owner value assessment – ROI (Capital raising / Token generation events)

A launcher’s Owner value is a performance metric used to rate it. The higher the owner value, the more profitable IGO is on the launch pad.

On the other hand, it is important to say that if a launcher has a high token valuation it means it has a high owner value relative to its token market size. Below is a visual summary of this metric across different IDO platforms:

IGO’s Notable Game Reviews

You should see two things on this page:

  1. Review previous IGOs. What is their level of success?
  2. What are Incoming Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)? Are they really worthy of your participation?


In short, investing in IGO and IGO launchers is like any other investment decision. You have to understand what is initial gaming offering evaluate if IGO’s launcher is well-positioned and aims to provide support for future major gaming projects.

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