What Is FanCircles For NFTs Creators? Complete Features

Fancircles is a platform that provides a customized mobile and web application to individual brands that is used to build community in the NFTs space. You might be thinking that most of the NFTs communities use discord servers to build community. Fancircles is using a different approach and providing specific/individual fan-centric web and mobile applications to brands. The community can share audio, pictures, and videos, as well as create a community wall and gain access to events based on their role. On this platform, brands can easily reach all users.

To understand fancircles completely keep reading the below-detailed points.

What Is FanCircles?

What Is FanCircles

Basically, fancircles is a premium mobile application that can be downloaded from the APP store. You can assume it, as a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify. This platform is created to help the NFT community and make access to the content easy for all users. However, this application is mostly used by NFT creators and artists to build and interact with the community. Because fancircles provide special features to build a more personalized relationship with the community. Fancircles is the premium platform due to these features.

Features of fancircles:

Fancircles have many special features that help creators to build a more personalized connection with the community members. Here are the features of fancircles.

Live Broadcast feature:

Like Facebook and Instagram, fancircles allow creators to live broadcast. Restream and zoom are also integrated into the platform to provide extra features and a good user experience.

Home & Fan Wall:

A fan wall or social wall is the core feature of the fancircles. Creators share photos, videos, and other content on the fan wall and community members give comments and feedback on the posts. This Fan wall is also used by community members to share their thoughts about the project. 

Feature of premium content:

Fncircles allow creators to share premium content with their specific audience who subscribed for the premium content. To subscribe to the premium content of the creator, users have to pay a subscription fee to access the content. This feature helps users to support their favorite brand or artists and motivate creators to keep working hard. This content is not accessible by everyone so it helps to connect with the community in a more personalized manner.

Rewards system for members:

Without rewards, your community gets bored and does not participate in the community. On fancirclers creators/brands can give exclusive rewards to their active community members who support them. This reward system keeps them motivated and connected with the community.

Sale of merchandise:

When an individual has their own application and community, they can market their merchandise to their dedicated audience through it. Because on this platform you have a mature audience so you can easily generate sales. 

Feature of push notifications:

Fancircles is built for individual brands and creators, so each brand/creator has its own application to interact with the community and the community also has the same application to interact with the individual creator/brand. The audience on your application is only for you. So if you publish content or go live, your 100% audience will receive a push notification. This platform is specially made to bypass the reach system of social media. The open notification rate is 90% but it can vary, depending on the content creators and brands.

A premium membership for specific users:

NFTs brands can build two types of communities on fancircles. One premium membership for their NFTs holders and a normal membership for a general audience who are interested in their NFTs project. This premium membership support by the platform allows NFT creators to interact with NFTs holders and share premium information with them. Only members of the premium community have access to premium events and rewards.

Fancircles validate the original NFTs holders and add them to the premium membership. If the holder sells the NFT, fancircles will downgrade their membership to the normal one. 

The platform collects all the data of the community and whenever you need it, you can access the data very easily.

What Is the Purpose of FanCircles?

Fancircles is for NFT creators/brands who want to build a personalized relationship with their community, want to share premium gated content with them, and bypass the reach system. NFT brands can build community on the discord servers. But if they want to achieve special and premium features. So creators select fancircles to get a personalized mobile or web application. Brands choose this platform to earn from the subscription, and merchandise, and to provide rewards to their community.

How to create an account on FanCircles?

To create a fancircles account you have to book a zoom meeting with the team. Because it is not like other social media signup. Fancircles provides you with a fully customized, android, iOS, and web application. You can choose the design layout, preferred color scheme, and many other options. Since you finalize the specs of your application, it all takes four weeks and your application will be available on the app store. You can inform your audience so they can download the application from the app store. 

Because fancircles is a premium platform so they charge $20,000 for this process and handle all the operations and management for you. Despite feeling like it’s too expensive, I assure you that when you compare it to their premium features and support it’s incredibly convenient. If you consider setting up your community on a discord server. You need a professional to set up the channel and moderators to run the community. There are no premium membership features, identity verification of original NFT holders, or subscription features on Discord. Managing all these operations manually on Discord would require hiring a large team. 

Brands are always like premium and automated things so fancircle is worth trying for your NFTs project.

What is the difference between fancircles and other social platforms?

Let me first clear a misconception that fancircle is not a social app. It is a fully customized mobile, web, and tv app to build a community for individual brands. So it’s a premium platform and you do not need to learn social media marketing to reach your audience. Brands do not pay for advertisements to reach the audience on fancircles it’s not like other social platforms. It provides premium features to the brands, let me tell you each in the detail.

A complete branding:

Brands are built on social platforms but you don’t have control over it. You just have a profile or page with your name, a display photo, and a short description. You can add posts, and interact with the audience, sell your products, but you are not authorized to control your page’s existence on the social media platform. Like if the social platform wants to delete your brand page, and posts, they can. So the app is not yours.

Fancircles provides you a complete branding, they build a complete mobile, web, and tv application for your brand. The app is specially built for you with your brand name, logo, design, color scheme, and customized functionalities. The fancircles team builds the apps and maintains them for you. Now you have all the social media features and premium features as well on your own brand application. 

Reach or Engagement with the community:

Reach is the biggest issue when you try to build a community. You share something that does not even reach your community 100%. Most of the social media platforms are free to use and their reach percentage is very low. Even I mentioned in the chart below. You can not blame these platforms because you are using them free of cost. But fancircle is not like that it’s a premium platform and makes sure that your content reaches your 100% audience. Since it provides brands with dedicated applications, audience members download the app to stay connected with the brand.

Premium content for premium subscribers:

Feature of premium content that you want to share with the premium members who own your NFTs, can be availed easily on fancircles with gated content. This is a feature that can not be availed on social platforms easily and if you try to do, this is the most hectic process. Fancircles confirms the identity of NFTs holders for premium subscriptions but on social platforms, you have to do it manually by hiring a team. So you can share gated content with premium subscribers easily and in the NFTs community, it is a very useful feature. 

NFTs brands can share their whitelist link with the qualified members so the other audience can not access it. Or brands can host premium NFTs giveaways for their NFTs holders.

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