What is DeBank? The Top DeFi Assistant for Investors

DeFi Dashboard is a protocol that makes it easy for DeFi investors to track all investments distributed in various forms, such as token holdings, liquidity being provided, assets as collateral, and loans.… 

So, What is DeBank? 

DeBank is a DeFi information tracker that tracks over 1000 protocols across 35 blockchains. DeBank gives users an overview of investments, including tokens held, liquidity positions, outstanding loans/debts, and uncreated yield rewards on-chain.

What is DeBank

Main functions of DeBank

DeBank provides 4 main functions::

  • Profile: Detailed information about the user’s wallet address.
  • Bundle: Track any wallet address.
  • Feed: Social Network (Coming Soon).
  • Web3 Social ranking: Track wallet addresses of KOLs in the crypto market.


This is a platform feature that DeBank is aiming for, tracking the number of tokens held, the number of deposits and loans on the platforms, and the health of those loans. Currently, DeBank can test most dApps on 34 different blockchains. In Profile, there will be 3 main tabs: Portfolio, NFT, and History.


This is the place to check the portfolio value of assets in the form of coins and tokens that the wallet address holds.

Liquidity on platforms such as Concentrator or Stake DAO is displayed in detail.

Loans and loans across platforms are all displayed in detail, along with loan health.

The Portfolio Board is a DeFi tracking wallet where you keep track of your DeFi portfolio from various DeFi products.

As a professional DeFi wallet, the most important thing is calculating your online portfolio accurately and quickly. DeBank has made it possible to connect MetaMask and switch between multiple accounts easily.

When you enter any Ethereum address (ENS supported) or choose to connect your MetaMask wallet, DeBank will retrieve real-time smart contract data from various DeFi products and present a portfolio of Your investment with detailed statistics (mortgage rate, APY, leverage ratio, liquidation price,…)


Here will show the NFT collections that the wallet address owns. The total net worth of the collection

Users can also track the profit and loss details of the NFTs that this wallet address trades on OpenSea.


Show all transactions of the wallet address.

Feed (BETA)

It is a new feature developed on DeBank. Usage is similar to social networks like Twitter, but the information of interest on this platform will be large-value transactions, including tokens and NFTs.

Feed is in the development process, so it will need more users to bring useful information to users.

What is DeBank


This is where users can create a list of wallet addresses they want to track. If an investor has many investments at different wallet addresses or wants to follow a group of wallets of investors with a high-yield portfolio.

What is DeBank

Web3 Social Ranking

This is a ranking of wallet addresses with the highest social network scores in the top 10000 wallet addresses on DeBank. Most of the top addresses are owned by famous KOLs.

The social network score is calculated by adding the base score to the weight.

Key points include:

  • ETH balance
  • Number of followers (with a minimum balance of $1000)
  • NFT on ETH (calculate the number of collections and the number of NFTs)
  • Liquidity across protocols (over 1000$)
  • Age of wallet address
  • Number of protocols and NFTs collections


DeBank co-founders are Chinese software engineer Hongbo Tang and his partner Xu Yong. The other team members are Guo Haochuan, Ma Yiwen, Sacho, and Wang Yanqing.


DeBank has top Defi projects as their “ecosystem partners,” including 1inch. exchange, Aave (LEND), dex.blue, DeFi Pulse, Curve, ParaSwap, Idle, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, Meet.one, imToken, TokenPocket, Opium, MCDEX, Zapper, USDK, Mykey, Leverj, pBTC and many more.


DeBank is still in active development. Some advanced features, such as Swap, and Token Approval Management, have been removed to provide a more consistent and better experience when using the Dashboard. However, if you want to use these features, you can download the Rabby wallet developed by DeBank.

DeBank is an indispensable application for DeFi users.

Although using DeBank is free, it is not excluded that if DeBank issues a governance token, a portion will be distributed to users with high ratings of Debank. Because it is these user groups that will attract ordinary users to use DeBank, besides the features it brings. So, if you are an active DeFi user, don’t forget to register an ID on DeBank.

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