What is Alpha in NFT And How To Find Alpha Groups?

If you are new in the NFT space and looking for alpha information. Don’t worry, in this post, I will tell you what is alpha in NFT, what is alpha groups, and how can you find Alpha groups easily.

Alpha in the NFT space is the exclusive/premium knowledge, that is unknown by most people in the NFT space. This knowledge is used to make better trading decisions in the NFT world. 

Although there are different types of alpha information this can be for a specific NFT project or general for NFT projects. Let’s discuss in detail alpha and alpha groups in the NFT space. 

What is Alpha in NFT?

Alpha information in the NFT world is the exclusive/premium information, that is unknown by most collectors in the NFT space. This information is used to make better trading decisions in the NFT world. 

What is the importance of this alpha information?

Alpha in NFT

As I have discussed above alpha is the premium information for NFT projects and that information is very important to collectors. This alpha information is mostly used to purchase valuable NFTs in the early stages at cheap prices than others to make a good profit. Let me give you an example.

You got some alpha information about a valuable NFT project before its mint and you purchased the NFT on the minting time at a cheap price. After that sale, Project has a high demand in the market and has limited supply. It’s floor price will automatically increase and you can sell it at higher prices. It will get a good profit.

Where can you find NFT alpha?

Alpha in NFT

You can find NFT alpha on many social media platforms with some research. I have listed below some platform that you can use to find NFT alpha.


Twitter is the social media platform where the NFT community shares their thoughts about the NFT project. There is so much information shared on Twitter by the NFT community on daily basis. You can also find alpha in that information with some research. There are many accounts on Twitter that usually share NFT alpha. Like Gary Vaynerchuk. You can follow these types of people and search by hashtag. With little research, you can find alpha on Twitter because there are tons of NFT alpha available on Twitter. You can also join twitter space of experienced NFT enthusiasts to get alpha information from them.


You can listen to the podcasts on Youtube, Apple podcast, and Spotify. In the NFTs world podcasts mostly have experienced guests and they share alpha in the podcasts. So the podcasts are also the source of NFT alpha. Most people don’t know about this in the NFT space. You can acquire very exclusive and mindful knowledge from the podcasts.

Alpha Groups:

NFT alpha can be found in the alpha groups. These groups are focused on sharing NFT alpha with the NFT community.  You can find these alpha groups on the discord with some research. Research means you can find these alpha groups through Twitter by following members of that group.

How can you understand the term Alpha on Twitter?

As a newbie, you can understand the alpha information on Twitter and other social media platforms.  This information will start with an alpha alert. For example

“Alpha alert: I listen to this very important information on a Twitter space about this NFT project. “


“Here’s some alpha for you folks: Never trust anyone in the online field.”

These are the examples and the last one is example + tip for you. You can also share important NFT alpha information to others in alpha groups or on Twitter using this format. So community members can easily understand your information and get benefit from this.

What is the Alpha group in NFT?

The Alpha group is the group of the NFT community that is focused on sharing NFT alpha information with its members and member also share the alpha information. These groups are mostly on discord servers. 

Types of Alpha group in NFT:

There are two types of alpha groups in the NFT world. 

Public alpha group: The public alpha groups are available for everyone in the NFT community. You don’t have to pay any fees to join these groups. These groups are not mostly niche specific and have large communities.

Private alpha group: The private alpha group is also known as the closed alpha group because you can only join these groups if you own any specific NFT or if you pay fees to join the group. These private groups are not available to everyone in the NFT community and focus on a specific niche to share alpha information.

What alpha group you should join first?

My suggestion on this point is, If you are new in the NFT space do not join private alpha groups first, because they are paid and you don’t know what alpha information you are seeking for. Join public alpha groups first and figure out the niches of NFTs and what NFT alpha you might be interested in. Joining private alpha groups with experience is always good and you already know how this NFT alpha community works. Here is the one public alpha group VeeFriends Discord

Alpha Groups: Who Are They For?

Alpha groups are for people in the NFT world who are really poor in time and need very exclusive information fast. Closed alpha groups have a very little size of members like 50 to 100 and they have very good relationships with each other. They help others to grow and make good trades. Members of alpha groups are also members of other alpha groups when the alpha information comes in one group they share this information in other alpha groups as well. So this is a very fast way to get premium information about NFTs. So people who want premium information about specific NFT projects or general in a very fast way. Alpha groups are for those people.

How to find the alpha group in the NFT world?

Alpha in NFT

There are so many alpha groups, So how you will find the right group for you. If you join many groups at the starting with no experience, you will be overwhelmed because of a lot of information that is hard to understand for you. So the right answer for you is to ask yourself what information you are looking for in the NFT space? 

Are you looking for information regarding a specific NFT project? 

If you are looking for a specific NFT project you can join the private alpha group for that specific project. Or if you are looking for new NFT opportunities before they mint and you can grab them at the right time. You can join the type of alpha group who always in search of new NFT opportunities. 

  • Ask yourself what type of NFT information you want?
  • Join public groups if you are a newbie.
  • Don’t pay fees for the private alpha groups to a random person?
  • Only follow a few alpha groups.
  • Do not forget to take benefits of free alpha on Twitter, discord, and podcasts.

Final thoughts:

So I have tried to cover what is alpha in NFT,  what is alpha groups, and how can you find alpha groups easily in the NFT space. I hope you will get benefit from the alpha information after reading this. If you have any queries or suggestions you can ask in the comments.

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