What Are NFT Discord Servers & How To Join? Full Guide

As you can understand by its name NFT discord servers. Discord is a social media platform. The “server” is just a term that is used in the NFT space. It is not a technical server, you can call it a group or community in simple words.

NFT discord servers are different servers that are created by NFT projects and companies on the discord platforms to build their community. NFT discord servers are used by the communities to interact with other members. 

So this is the basic introduction let’s discuss this in more detail so you can understand what are NFT discords and how to join NFT discord.

What Are NFT Discords?

As I have discussed above NFT discords are communities or groups that are made by NFT collections or projects to build and interact with their communities.

NFT discord server channels:

NFT discord server is not a typical group, NFT discord server has different channels for different communications and announcements. Like

General Chat: This channel is used by members for general discussion and to ask questions to other community members.

Announcement: This channel is used by NFT collection team members to announce new things.

Events: This channel is specifically used for announcing events like giveaways and drops.

These are basic channels that every NFT discord server has. NFT discord servers can have multiple other channels as well but I have listed some common channels above that every NFT discord server must have.

How is Discord stand out from other platforms?

Discord stands out from other platforms due to its user-friendly interface and amazing features to interact with others. Discords cover slack and skype functions with other amazing features to communicate with people that’s why the NFT community loves to use discord. You can set different roles in your NFT discord server to manage the community like admins, moderators, and different roles for active members. Discord can be used on desktop or mobile as well through the mobile application. So community members can check NFT discord servers and notifications from anywhere.

How to find and join NFT discord servers?

It depends on which NFT discord server you are finding and want to join. If you are looking for a specific NFT community of specific NFT collection so you can find their NFT discord server on their official website or on an official social media page like Twitter. There is also an NFT discord server link available on opensea NFT collection. If the NFT collection is available on opensea and you can the verified listing of the project. 

opesea nft discord servers

Don’t join blindly NFT discords you have to do some checks. Before you join, make sure that the page is official or not. You can check this from their number of followers and see if the page is verified or not.

You can join NFT discord servers by clicking on the link. Some servers do not require you to do any further action but some servers have rules. When you click on the join server link, you will have a pop-up with terms and conditions. You can read the terms and conditions, click on the checkbox, and click on submit button to join and access the NFT discord server.

Advantages and disadvantages of NFT discord server:

Everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. So NFT discord servers also have some pros and cons. Let’s discuss this in the detail.

Advantages of NFT discord server:

Support: If you are in a small private NFT discord server. These are most of the time paid and provide premium knowledge. These servers have very few members who are very supportive. You can build relationships with them. They help you to make good trades as well.

Knowledge: If you are a newbie or an experience NFT enthusiast, NFT knowledge is always important for you. NFT technology is evolving very fast. So NFT discord servers are a great way to explore new knowledge. Because most servers have supportive members who try to share everything information about NFTs. 

Trending News: If you are a trader you need to be informed of every news about the market. NFT discord servers are a great source of news. There are many discord NFT communities that are based on news.

Whitelist: This is the main reason why most of the NFT audience join specific NFT discord servers to get whitelisted. Because you can only be whitelisted in most of the scenarios. If you are a community member on discord. There are obviously other conditions that need to be fulfilled for the whitelist. 

Disadvantages of NFT discord servers:

User-Interface: It is a little confusing and complex interface for new members according to my opinion. Because discord has so many options and features for customizing NFT discord servers. But it is not a big problem with the time every layman can learn.

Scams: Scams are the big disadvantage of NFT discord servers. Every community member is not loyal or original. Some of them are always scammers. Who are always trying to hunt newbies who don’t have experience in the NFT world. Scammers send inbox messages to new members and try to pretend like they are official team members of the specific NFT discord server. They send a phishing link to other members that lead them to a phishing site and steal NFTs and cryptocurrency.

This is the only main disadvantage according to my opinion. What do your think about NFT discord servers? I would love to hear from you tell me in the comment section.

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