What Are Generative Art NFTs? A Comprehensive Guide

Generative art NFTs are NFTs that are generated by machine algorithms with the assistance of a human artist. Like most popular projects you can see art blocks, and autoglyphs are generative art NFTs. To understand these NFTs let’s deep dive into this.

What is Generative art?

Generative art is the art that is made by a system algorithm with the help of artificial intelligence. The human artist just gives some commands and preferences. The machine autonomous system follows the instructions and uses neural networks (AI) to generate a unique piece of art.  

Generative arts are the combination of human and machine algorithms. So due to human input, you might think that generative art is predictable but believe me it’s not predictable. Sometimes the artist who gives the commands to the system himself is shocked by the output of the algorithm. Because trained neural network systems take input from the artist and create something random generative art with the help of artificial intelligence. Now let me tell you about what is generative art NFTs.

What is Generative art NFTs?

Generative art NFTs are created using smart contracts and tokenized on blockchain as NFTs.

Generative art is created similar way whether it is art or an NFT. If it is created for NFT the art will be tokenized on the blockchain by including a code into it for wallet ID, gas price, or transaction ID. Generative art is an old way to generate arts but when they become they are minted on the blockchain they become generative art NFTs. It helps them to be unique and anybody can verify ownership. With the help of NFTs now generative art artists get paid off by royalty cuts.

Generative NFTs started getting the attention of NFTs collectors and enthusiasts. NFT collectors are interested in buying these AI-generated arts which are boosting this generative NFTs industry.

Where to buy generative art NFTs?

As generative art NFTs are coming into the limelight of NFT space. The platforms to buy and sell these NFTs are being introduced for generative art NFTs fans. One of the most popular platforms that you can use to buy and sell generative art NFTs is art block. It is an Ethereum-based platform. The other platform you can use is fxhash. Using the Tezos blockchain, fxhash enables the creation and collection of generative art NFTs. In addition to OpenSea, LooksRare, and KnownOrigin, you can also buy NFT art from those marketplaces. 

Some examples of generative art NFTs:

Here I have listed some successful generative NFT projects.

Art Blocks

Here is the most successful generative art NFT project which made a total sales volume of $100 million approximately. Art block is basically based on the Ethereum blockchain.


Autoglyphs was the first generative art NFT project that was introduced in 2019. The creator behind autoglyphs was larvalabs, the same creator of cyrptokitties. First they launched only 500 plus NFTs and that limited supply sold very quickly. Approximately $41 million in sales were achieved by Autoglyphys. 


These NFTs were introduced in June 2021 featuring colorful pastiches. It is one of the most renowned generative art NFT projects. This project has a limited supply of a total of 999 NFTs and the cheapest NFT of this collection has a price of 83 ETH (around $102,000). 

Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak

Ringers were created by a Canadian artist and programmer. This collection contains 1000 NFTs. The series of NFTs was based on traits of string and pegs. This generative art NFT project was one of the top-selling collections on the art block platform. It current floor price of ringers is 44.9 ETH.

Final thoughts on How about owning generative art NFTs?

As I have discussed above generative art is not new but this art is new in the NFT world. So these generative art NFTs are not 100% adopted by NFTs society as compared to PFP NFT projects. But we can see the interest of society in generative NFTs.

There is still a big debate on this topic that how profitable is to own generative art NFTs because most of them do not have any special utility. When the question comes to utility most people keep silent. But generative art NFTs stand out from typical monkey NFTs. I would highly recommend you do your own research whenever you are going to buy any generative art NFT. 

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