What are Extremely Fungible Tokens? Accurate Intro

The main selling point of an nft is that it’s non-fungible. It’s a unique one-of-a-kind piece of digital art and no one can use it without ownership. So you can not share, screenshot, or make profile pictures of others’ NFT without their permission. If you want to do this so you have to purchase that NFT. That could be so expensive. A group of people hates NFTs due to their disadvantages and environmental damage. So that group of people started a movement against NFTs and named it Extremely fungible tokens (ETFs). They are similar to NFTs but not in functionality. Let’s get into what are extremely fungible tokens ETFs.

What are Extremely Fungible Tokens (ETF)?

What if we took everything that makes an nft unique. Extremely fungible token goes against everything an nft stands for. It is not unique. It is not one of a kind. You are encouraged to save screenshots and share these images as much as you want.

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Characteristics of Extremely fungible tokens (EFTs):

People want to feel like they’re part of a group or part of a big movement so when they have this expensive nft profile picture on their account. They feel like they’re included in this big movement.

  • EFT – A big movement that is free for anyone to join over at extremelyfungible.com. It’s not a technology.
  • It doesn’t hurt the artist and the environment.
  • You can screenshot, save, and share ETFs.

Here are a few popular Extremely fungible tokens (EFTs):

  1. The Otama collection
  2. Lil Sweater lads
  3. Elven Girls 
  4. Pompa Bears
  5. Nybbles and bytes
  6. Pixel Slimes
  7. Toxic Shrooms
  8. Robot buddies 
  9. Dapper penguins
  10. NFBees
  11. Gneat Gnomes
  12. Pocket planets
  13. Dafuq Barosh
  14. Pixelpeeps


So here we have discussed extremely fungible tokens in detail and their basic characteristics. NFTs are still much better and unique digital assets to invest in. NFTs are solving real-world problems. And ETFs are just a movement, you can also look into ETFs with your research and call. If have any suggestions or questions do not hesitate to comment below. I would love to answer.  Share if you like this post.

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