Rarible’s 6 Most Useful Options You Don’t Know

You are here because you want to mint your NFTs on rarible or you have already done. In this post, I have listed rarible’s 6 most useful options that most people don’t know. But you can use these useful options and have a great experience. Let’s discuss the details without further delay.

Collect royalties on rarible even if your collection is not created on rarible:

This is my favorite feature that why I placed this number 1 on this list. Artists can collect their royalties on rarible even if their collection was not created on rarible. All you have to do is claim your ownership of the collection.

Find your collection on rarible and open it. Click on three dots and you will find the “claim ownership” option

Rarible's 6 Most Useful Options claim ownership

After claiming the ownership you will be the owner of that collection on rarible. Now you can change the description, profile picture, and set royalties as well.

Rarible's 6 Most Useful Options set royalties

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Free NFT Creation:

Rarible provides two options for free NFT creation. One is free minting and the second is free mint on flow.

Lazy Minting:

Rarible introduced to feature named lazy mint to support new creators who are not able to pay high gas feeses. Lazy minting allows NFT artist to create their NFT for free on rarible and mint it later when someone buys it. So at the time of sale, the buyer will pay the gas fee. This is a very simple and efficient solution to save your investment from the start. But this method is only useful for the first 3 to 4 NFTs creation because this feature also has some cons. You can find my complete guide on lazy minting in the below link.

What is lazy minting in NFT? Complete Guide

Free mint on flow:

Flow is the blockchain that allows NFT creators/artists to mint their NFTs for cents. Rarible integrated this blockchain with their marketplace so now users don’t have to buy flow tokens to mint their NFTs. They mint NFT for $0.00001 only using flow blockchain through rarible marketplace.

Floor bid for any NFT in a collection to own any NFT:

You may find the above heading a bit confusing. But let me clear that confusion. Floor bid is the option that allows users to bid for a specific collection and any holder from that collection can accept the bid and sell their NFT to the bidder. This feature is launched for the users who desperately want to join a specific community and don’t care about whichever NFT they own from that collection.

Communicate with other rarible users on messenger:

Do you ever think that every NFT marketplace lacks one option? Communication. Let’s suppose you want to buy an NFT and want to negotiate on price there is no way. Or you want to ask someone when their new NFT will be available to purchase. Rarible addresses this issue and allows users to communicate through their wallet-to-wallet communication messenger. 

How to message an NFT owner on rarible:

Find the collection you want to contact. You will see the owner on the collection page.

Rarible's 6 Most Useful Options

Click on the owner’s name and it will lead you to the owner page. You will find the message option there.

Rarible's 6 Most Useful Options messages

You can message the collection owner from this option.

Carbon-negative Ethereum NFTs:

Ethereum is a proof of work NFT blockchain which consumes a lot of energy. To reduce the carbon print rarible recently partnered up with the nori. In order to reduce its energy consumption, Ethereum switches to proof of stake. You can also remove the carbon footprint of your NFT on rarible by following these below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to one of your Ethereum NFTs on Rarible.
  • Click “remove carbon” under the details tab.
  • Visit Nori, our partner who removes carbon 
  • Now your EtheremNFT is turned into a carbon-negative NFT

Follow other artists:

Raribile provides you with the option to follow your favorite creators, friends artists, and others. It was very difficult to get updates and follow every project you are interested in. With this follow feature you can follow artists and can have a customized feed of updates through your following artist. 

You can open an NFT artist page on rarible and you will have the “follow” option.

Rarible's 6 Most Useful Options to follow others

Closing on – Rarible’s 6 Most Useful Options:

So here I have listed some amazing and useful rarible features so newbies and experienced users who don’t know these before. I have also compared opensea vs rarible and discussed each almost all features. If you have any questions or suggestions ask in the comments below.

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