How to Mint NFT for Free? 4 Simple Steps To Follow

How To Mint NFT For FREE? Top Strategies For The Beginners

Minting an NFT is not difficult, but many platforms require you to pay a huge amount of “gas fee” if you want to mint NFT. However, many investors have found cheaper ways even can mint NFT for free, with just a few minutes of operation.

how to mint nft for freeWhile NFT may not be as explosive as it was a year ago, it still has a large community of innovators and investors. Who among us doesn’t want to own an NFT of our own? If you buy NFT sometimes you have to pay a very high price, but the good news is that you can completely mint NFT for free with the instructions (only takes 5 minutes.) in the below article for search term “how to mint NFT for free“.

What is NFT?

Before creating your own free NFT, let’s learn about NFT for those of you who don’t know. NFT stands for non-fungible token, which means the token is non-fungible. This is a digital certificate of ownership of an asset such as collectibles, artwork, etc., which is stored in a blockchain. NFT can be many things: a GIF of a cat, a 10-second video, a blockchain game item, or a 5-word tweet. But it is unique. Remember, NFT is a certificate of ownership of that single exchange. You can completely copy an NFT digital asset file (photo, video…) anywhere, as many times as you want, and it will look exactly like the original.

mint nft for free

What is Minting NFTs?

You can own a photo, a digital painting, a video… However, to turn them into NFTs – you have to send it to the blockchain. In a nutshell, NFT generation (minting) is the conversion of your digital file into a digital asset that can be bought or sold, adding it to a blockchain, usually ETH.

Is There a Cost to Mint NFT?

The NFT market has rapidly grown and countless digital files are exchanged daily. But buying, selling, and transferring NFTs often comes with high gas fees. In fact, the average cost to mint an NFT can be as high as $500 on OpenSea. While Nifty Gateway has created a smart contract to significantly reduce gas fees, it still costs fees in general. Why does it cost to mint an NFT? Blockchains are decentralized networks that are not owned by any central authority.

Miners maintain users’ NFTs using their own computing power and resources, gas fees are paid to them as an incentive. But there is a way to “circumvent the law”, and you can create NFT completely for free. Because many NFT marketplaces already run smart contracts, allowing you to create NFTs for free, and only collect gas fees after a successful sale (or the buyer will bear this fee). Those are the NFT exchanges. The answer will be immediately in the section below.

How to Mint NFT for Free? So Simple That Anyone Can Do It

Minting NFT for Free on Opensea Platform

OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for NFTs where you can buy and sell any digital goods as assets stored on the blockchain. It supports multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana, focusing on developing markets for creators, buyers, and sellers.

Creating NFT on OpenSea is free, but selling it is not. The OpenSea marketplace charges sellers two prices before they can sell NFTs on the platform. The first fee is charged during account creation, costing from $70 to $300. The second fee from $10 to $30 is required to enable OpenSea to access NFT. This platform is one of the most trusted and preferred by NFT traders. Steps to create a free NFT on OpenSea:

Step 1 – Create a Metamask wallet account: To login to OpenSea, you must log in through your crypto wallet account, which supports multiple blockchain networks. The most commonly used wallet on OpenSea is MetaMask, which can be created and used for free.

how to mint nft for free

Step 2 – Create OpenSea account and connect wallet: Then create an OpenSea account and link your wallet to it.

how to mint nft for free

Step 3 – Set up your NFT collection: Next, set up your first OpenSea collection by going to your Profile icon in the upper right and clicking My Collections. Then create a single NFT or click Create a Collection. Fill in the relevant information – your name, logo, description, price and royalties, and more.

how to mint nft for free

Step 4 – Select Polygon network: since the cost of generating NFTs on Ethereum can be high, so switch to the Polygon Network at this step to make your NFT generation process free.

how to mint nft for free

Step 5 – Start minting free NFTs: Start minting NFTs by clicking on collection, then clicking on the Add item option. Upload the part of the photo/video that you want to convert to NFT. Click Create.

You have now completed the steps to mint NFT for free. You just created your first NFT on Polygon Network with no gas fees. If you want to sell this NFT, click Sell and continue

How To Mint NFT For Free on Rarible Platform?

Rarible is an Ethereum based platform that facilitates the creation and sale of digital assets on blockchains. Rarible is both a marketplace and a network built on Ethereum that facilitates transactions between them. It even has its own token, RARI, an ERC-20 governance token that allows its holders to propose improvements to the market.

To mint free NFT on Rarible exchange, you follow the steps:

Step 1: Visit their official website:, click Sign in and connect your crypto wallet account.

how to mint nft for free

Step 2: Click create and select the type of NFT you want to create, Single or Multiple. If you are choosing to create a collection, select Multiple. Then upload an image and fill in all the information – title, description and price – to mint your free NFT.

how to mint nft for free

Step 3: The next step is to select the NFT casting type. Turn Free Minting to On.

how to mint nft for free

Step 4: Click create item and sign the authorization with your wallet. You are now done creating your free NFT.

how to mint nft for free

When your NFT is sold on Rarible, it will be minted, and automatically pass the gas fee to the buyer.

Creating NFT for Free on Mintable Platform

Mintable is another Ethereum-based NFT marketpalce. What sets it apart from others is that its NFT creation process is not only free but also easy. With short steps, it is an ideal platform for beginner users. But remember, it has a 5% service fee for completing a purchase. If you want to mint a free NFT on Mintable, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website at Sign up and create your account on Mintable.

how to mint nft for free

Step 2: After registration is done, connect your wallet to Mintable. Then click on Mint.

how to mint nft for free

Step 3: You will have the option to create a new entry after clicking on Mint. Next, choose between the options available for minting. Select Easy mode for the casting process, which will automatically help you to generate NFT with no gas fees.

how to mint nft for free

Step 4: Fill in your NFT details and upload the digital file you want to encrypt. Once you’ve done these steps, click list this item.

how to mint nft for free

Confirm a message to list your NFT for sale and that’s it. Your NFT will be listed and available for purchase at the Mintable Gasless Shop.

Once you’ve created your own free NFTs, you can hold them as souvenirs or sell them on platforms. You can send and receive NFTs to other wallet addresses similar to regular tokens, as long as the chain is correct. To make your NFT more valuable, you should try to give each NFT a unique story or feature and promote it. Good luck with this free instruction of how to mint NFT for free.


While there are reports of some digital creators making big and easy money by creating NFTs, keep in mind that this is still early days for this movement. The online creator economy adopted NFT early on, and the ability to passively monetize work long after the initial sale can be a real game changer for artists and musicians, content producers, video game developers and the like. However, minting and selling NFTs should not be considered a get-rich-quick scheme. It will require some upfront cost to sell your digital assets this way and there is no guarantee anyone will be willing to buy your work.

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