12 Best NFT Marketplaces In August 2022

I have listed below the 12 best NFT marketplaces that you can use for buying and selling digital assets. Many NFT marketplaces are targeting a specific type of niche in NFTs and are based on different blockchains. I’m using most of them for the previous several years. So you don’t have to worry about it you can choose according to your preference. I have sorted them for their popularity and trading volume. Popularity and trading volume mean how much NFT collectors trust them. Let’s get started:

Here are the 12 Best NFT Marketplaces:

1. OpenSea:

OpenSea is on the top of the list in the NFT marketplaces because it has more audience than any other platform. In 2021 only opensea total trading volume was $14 billion and that is massive. OpenSea has a very user-friendly interface for beginners and newbies can also mint their NFT on opensea very easily.

New birds in NFT space can easily take the start of their journey from opensea. It supports almost more than 150 crypto tokens for trading NFTs. Opensea is built on the Ethereum blockchain but it also supports other blockchains like polygon.

2. Rarible:

Rarible is the 2nd in this marketplaces list.  Rarible is also based on the Ethereum blockchain and you can use this platform for different types of NFTs like music, video, images, or gif NFTs trading. You can trade NFTs on rarible with its own token named RARI. So you have to own RARI if you want to sell or purchase NFTs on rarible. 

There are several big giant companies partnered up with rarible recently. Like Adobe to make increase security for NFT creators and artists.

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3. SuperRare:

SuperRare is also a marketplace like rarible based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can also trade video, audio, music, image, and gif NFTs on this platform. This is not an old platform. You can trade NFTs on this platform using Ethereum. SuperRare recently launched its own token based on the Ethereum blockchain. So Rarible and SuperRare NFTs can also be traded on opensea.

4. Mintable:

This NFT marketplace also supports all types of NFTs. Artists can mint their images, gif, or music on this platform. Mintable is also based on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can only sell and purchase NFTs on mintable with Ethereum. Mintable was introduced in 2018 and it helped more than 2 lac NFTs artists to mint and monetize their NFT arts. This platform is also very similar to OpenSea.

5. Axie Marketplace:

Axie Marketplace is a specific niche-related NFT marketplace for the Axie Infinity video game. This platform is used to sell and buy axies, lands, and many other NFTs that can be used in this specific axie infinity game. Axies can be bought, trained, and used against other players in this game. This game has huge popularity in the NFTs world. Because people earn these axies by playing this game and sell them to earn for living. This game has a huge audience from the Philippines. These axies can be bought and sold on other marketplaces as well like coinbase global.

6. Crypto.com NFT Marketplace:

Crypto.com is one of the oldest and largest cryptocurrency exchanges which recently launched its NFT marketplace in 2021. This exchange is used by millions of users. This marketplace also offers almost all types of NFTs, like music, gaming, celebrities, sports, etc. Crypto.com is also based on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a very user-friendly navigation and interface. Beginners can easily trade NFTs on this platform. NFTs artists can mint their NFTs easily because it has no gas fee and low transaction fee. 

NFTs can be purchased easily using credit/debit cards or via crypto through crypto.com gateways. These are the special features of crypto.com that we don’t see in other marketplaces.

7. Binance NFT Marketplace:

Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. It was launched in back June 2021 and since its launch, there are more than 2.5 million different types of NFTs have been minted on the binance NFT marketplace. Like celebrities, music, sport, gif, etc. This NFT marketplace is built on Binance smart chain. Users can buy and sell NFTs using the BNB coin. Users can buy this cryptocurrency easily from the Binance exchange and trade on the NFT marketplace. 

You do not have to create a separate account for the Binance NFT marketplace, you can simply log in using your Binance exchange credentials. Binance supported many artists because of the low transaction fees and low gas fees. Binance also has a very user-friendly interface, newbies can use this easily. The trading volume of Binance is more than $40 million per month.

8. Larva Labs/CryptoPunks:

CryptoPunks NFT is the most popular project from Larva Labs. Some CryptoPunks are now worth millions of dollars after being handed out for free back in 2017. Other digital art projects are also being developed at Larva Labs, such as Autoglyphs, and Ethereum blockchain-based apps. A variety of third-party marketplaces allow you to bid on and purchase Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks NFTs. 

9. NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace:

NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace is the marketplace for NBA enthusiasts. As you can understand by its name users can buy  Video shots of the NBA through this platform. This platform is built on flow blockchain and it is a closed marketplace where you can only buy and sell the top shots. You can buy NBA top shots very easily by simply signing up on this platform. You can also buy top shots for very few dollars as well.

10. Foundation:

It was launched in 2021. Till now, $100 million worth of NFTs has been traded on the foundation. Which is quite impressive. It is created on the Ethereum blockchain and users can easily buy and sell NFT using Ethereum. All you need is Ethereum in your wallet. This NFT marketplace is not user-friendly for minting NFTs but you can find here valuable digital assets. It is a very simple marketplace.

11. Nifty Gateway:

Nifty gate is the one NFT marketplace that auctioned off one of the most popular NFT art beeple’s “Everyday’s” for $69 million. It was launched back in 2018 and in 2021 partnered up with Sotheby’s auction house. Nifty gateway completed 2021 with a huge trading volume of $408 million. NFTs can be sold or bought using credit/debit cards. It means you don’t have to buy cryptocurrency before you buy an NFT. I think this is the very user-friendly feature of nifty gateway which creates a huge impact on its users.

12. Theta Drop:

Theta drops launched in 2021 with World Poker Tour digital collectibles. Theta drop relies on its own blockchain. With theta, video and TV can be distributed decentralized over the internet. You can buy and sell NFTs on the theta drop NFT marketplace by using the theta token. Theta token is available on many crypto exchanges and you can buy it on Binance.  

You can select from these 12 best nft marketplaces with your preference and do not forget to do your own research before jumping into any of the NFTs Marketplace.

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