Top NFT Trends To Profit From In 2022

Everyone wants to earn money from NFTs now a days. So they can earn while following their passion. Before you start doing anything into the NFTs space. You should know the top NFT trends to profit from.

After spending two years in the web3 NFT world. I’m writing this post for the newbies so they can understand the top NFT trends to cash in on. In addition, they can avoid the mistakes that most beginners make. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Which type of NFTs are in top trends?

Top NFT Trends on 2022

This is the most asked question when someone starts their career in the NFTs space as a buyer or creator. So they can focus on the type of NFTs that sell the most. Digital arts and PFP (Profile-Picture-Projects) sell the most.

Art based NFTs:

In the world of NFTs, art NFTs sell the most. Because there is a history behind it. Physical arts have sold for millions of dollars over the past several decades and blockchain technology made it easy to verify original art NFTs in the digital era. Audiences were able to easily understand the concept of art, so they embraced it the most. 

Blockchain technology is not easy to understand by non-techs, but the art concept can be understood easily by anyone as compared to other utility NFTs. 

In 2021, $40 Billion worth of NFTs were traded in a single year, and most of these were art NFTs. Let me give you an example. “Everydays” NFT by Beeple sold for $69 million, and the first NFT in the world was also a piece of art called “Quantum”.  

Art has been always important to us. Accordingly, I believe that art NFTs will remain in demand in the future, but competition will be fierce. Due to the fact that NFTs are available to everyone, the supply will exceed demand. 

PFP (Profile-Picture-Projects) NFTs:

PFP NFTs were the most popular selling NFTs in 2021. If you’ve searched something in the NFT space on Twitter, you’ve probably seen people with monkey profile pictures. Those were bored apes the PFP NFTs and sold for millions of dollars.

In 2021, PFP NFTs proved their value by being in high demand. Another example of cryptopunks that were given away for free to the community but later sold for thousands of dollars.

Twitter recently launched a new feature for PFP projects that allows owners to authenticate their NFTs with their Twitter profile. So other people can easily see the verified owner of an NFT. It is an important step by a well known platform to support the adoption of new blockchain technology and PFP NFTs.

How to read NFT trends?

Top NFT Trends on 2022

You can simply read NFT trends by joining NFTs communities on discord servers and following the hashtags on twitter. You can also follow the active influencers in the NFTs space on Twitter. It is very important to understand which type is trending or not before investing in NFTs.  You can check NFT trends by above mentioned methods and I have also listed some upcoming NFTs trends.

AI Generated NFTs:

These types of NFTs are generated using Artificial Intelligence that’s why these are called AI-generative art NFTs. These AI-generative NFTs are getting popular day by day. Because audiences who love blockchain and artificial intelligence technology are supporting these NFTs.

This is not a new technology but in the NFTs space it’s new as compared to art type NFTs. AI software enable users to generate arts by giving commands in the form of words or speaking. These AI software programs generate the art by following these commands and using their own neuron networks, and then shock the creators by the results.

AI generative art NFTs are not as popular or in demand as arts and PFP NFTs. But they are evolving day by day and making their space in this technical world. Here is the example Ai Generative (matic)

Photography based NFTs:

Photography NFTs are trending in the NFTs space. As you have probably heard, many creators started earning their living with NFTs. Now photographers are also making a living and becoming independent by jumping into the NFTs. 

NFTs offer photographers the opportunity to take advantage of unique opportunities. Award winning photographers are also jumping into the NFT space.

P2E (Play-to-earn) NFTs:

Play-to-earn games are NFTs based games that allow players to earn while playing the game. NFT technology has motivated a lot of gamers and is trending in the gaming category. One example of these games is axie infinity, Players of this game already made millions by playing this game.

Players of these games can earn rewards, which are NFTs. Players can sell their reward NFTs and earn their living. 

The gaming industry is already worth $300 billion, and these P2E NFT games have revolutionized it. New gamers are jumping into these games so they can get something back from their effort and work.

Music type NFTs:

Music NFTs are trending and will be more popular in the future. Since record labels sell their music and take a cut of the profits, music artists have been suppressed. The artist simply cut out a chunk of it. NFTs and blockchain technology have completely revived the music industry. 

Music artists can make their own music NFTs and sell them directly to the fans and all the profit belongs to the artist. Music NFTs creators can also receive royalties from the secondary sale of their NFTs. They can also provide with the utilities to their fans like meetups and merch. 

As a result of Budweiser’s partnership with 22 new music artists, Budweiser NFTs have already made a lot of noise in the NFT space. It was an easy way of showing your loyalty to young musicians and the collection sold out almost instantly.

Utility base memberships NFTs:

Membership NFTs are new and in trend because these NFTs allow users to become a member of a specific community. Basically these are the utility based NFTs. 

Like you bought a lifelong subscription to Netflix in the form of NFTs and now you’re no longer interested in their network. You are able to sell your Netflix membership to another person who wants to watch their shows. In this case, you will sell your NFTs and get your money back, the other person will get the Netflix subscription, and Netflix will receive a royalty payment. So it is the most profitable way for all three parties. 

These NFTs are new and in vogue, so you can join early to benefit later.

Final thoughts on top NFT trends:

I have tried to cover trending NFTs like arts and PFPs and also discussed the types of NFT which could be in trend in the future.  You can check the trends by joining different NFT communities but do not forget to consider your interest while jumping into any. 

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