Is C# hard to learn

Is C# hard to learn?

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Learning Curve fo C#:

Today we’re gonna answer the question that is C# hard to learn. All right this is one of the biggest questions that new developers have “Is C# hard to learn”. I want to talk to you real quickly about why you’re asking that question. let’s just dispel it right away, all languages have the same kind of learning curve whether that’s JavaScript, C#, Java, Python, PHP, or whatever. Because these are all the kind of similar syntax like if, then, else, do loops, for-loop, switch statements all these things are very similar between all of these languages so the learning curve is all the same.

Opportunities for C# devs:

Just the language is the reason you’re asking because you see the opportunities that are out there for C# developers you look at on indeed or any other platform. You can see hundreds or thousands of jobs in your area for C# developers.

C# is the language that allows you to break in much easier than others. It’s pretty simple math that there are more jobs out there for C# there’s more demand for C# so if there are more jobs, there are more opportunities for someone to break in. If there are fewer jobs than more experienced people will take. So I think there’s a lot of opportunities to learn C#.

My Story:

Here’s another reason that I want to say a quick story about when I was running the consulting company. I’ve been coding since 92 and I was in the consulting company and I came up through PowerBuilder and then I was into VB and then I was in the VB.NET and so the first language that came out for .NET framework was and I spent a lot of years and VB down that, I knew it backward and forwards and I was very profitable and proficient in that. But then 2002 C# comes out. I think I’m just gonna stay with what I got but eventually, I had to conclude that C# had so many opportunities for the consulting company and my personal growth. I just had to jump in with both feet and learn it, that’s what I think you need to do.

Is C# hard to learn:

It’s not if it’s hard or not it’s what I need to do to break in to get a job. C# is in high demand. So it’s not should I learn it or is it hard. It’s what can I do to help me break in the easiest.

If you have those skills you can break in a whole lot easier. If you learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and C#, and SQL all of those things turn you into this professional web developer, so I don’t think it’s any harder than anything else.

It’s pretty easy to learn.

You’re thinking is I must memorize C# that’s not true at all. You need to know, what you want to do and not necessarily memorize the entire language because here’s a little secret that’s professional coders Google a lot. You can talk to any dev and they will say you know my real job is to know what I want to do and then Google the information and then put that into the IDE.

The next thing about C# that I want you to focus on is the tooling so the tooling is superior. It makes your life so much easier. I want to harken back to what I was talking about, you’re gonna need to know JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and C#. The IDE Visual Studio (integrated development environment) brings all of that together with your debuggers in there. So it has all of these toolings that make it easy to build websites and projects.

Framework or Stack:

The stack is all the tools and things necessary for you to build an application and it focuses on your learning. You’re no longer saying what’s hard or what’s easy or what’s most popular your focus is on this particular stack to accomplish the specific goal. If you build your project you move from memorization into knowledge a lot of people start by trying to memorize code or memorize everything in the language.

I’m going to tell you this .NET is so broad and so big that you’ll never memorize the entire .NET Framework and it’s changing it’s evolving it’s doing these things so you’ll never memorize that. What you need to do is figure out what do I want to build and be able to put that down in pseudocode on paper and then translate that into a piece of software. Watch tutorials about databases, front-end with bootstrap, ASP.NET, MVC with controllers, and things like that. And put it all together and practice it you will probably end up with your first project.


What I would say is once you bet at once, start over, rebuild it again, or come up with a new project and you’ll eventually get faster, faster, and faster. You put them on your portfolio and then you have the unique work that you can show to someone. That’s really what we’re asking is can I learn C# and will it get me a job. If you have a better portfolio and you build business projects with a database that solves problems. The answer is absolutely 100% yes, you’ll get a job.


Yeah, every language is kind of hard to learn but it takes practice.

It’s gonna take a little bit of time and effort. But if you build your projects you’ll be there quicker than you think and you’ll learn more than you probably thought.

I hope this helps good luck and keep coding. Visit for .net core and .net tutorial.

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