How To Upload OpenSea Profile Picture GIF – 100% Solution

Are You Embarrassed By Your OPENSEA Profile Picture Gif Skills? Here’s What To Do

OpenSea is known as the first and largest fully decentralized NFTs Marketplace (NFTs Marketplace) in the world. In particular, the platform allows users to create accounts to buy, sell, exchange and trade collectibles (Collections), in-game games (Game NFT) or Blockchain products based on Smart’s activities Contract without control. OpenSea is built and designed almost in line with current market trends, creating a large liquidity source for a large number of NFTs in both Crypto and Non-Crypto markets. Essentially, OpenSea is like an eBay for NFTs with millions of properties sorted into hundreds of categories.

opensea profile picture gif

Currently, OpenSea has more than 10 million user site visits per month. In particular, OpenSea is also the foundation for the birth of the most popular NFT projects such as Cryptopunks, Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, CryptoKitties, SuperRare, etc. Besides, the platform also attracts the attention and participation of a large number of people. famous artists such as Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk and Chamath Palihapitiya.

Outstanding Advantages of OpenSea Exchange

  • Transactions on OpenSea are processed quickly and transparently in the form of a smart contract (Smart Contract) without having to go through any intermediaries.
  • Good security feature, limiting risk problems because participants’ assets will be stored directly on their wallets.
  • Users have full ownership of the NFTs they have purchased on OpenSea.
  • Get inspired, get creative and get NFTs recognized through auctions on the floor.
  • Trade freely, without being tied down with reasonable fees.

Do you want to upload an animated GIF as your profile picture on OpenSea? How to upload opensea profile picture gif? So you cannot upload a Gif file for your account profile picture but you can upload a gif file for your NFTs collection profile picture.

OpenSea Profile Picture Gif – Step by Step Guide:

It’s easy! Just follow these step-by-step instructions.

  • First, find the GIF that you want to use on your computer.

  • Then, Hower on the “profile” tab in the top menu on OpenSea and select “My Collection”.

  • Now click on the profile picture of your collection and now you can select a gif as your profile picture.

  • Choose the gif file that you want to be your profile picture from your system and press “upload.” After a few seconds, your new profile picture will be ready!


There you have it! Now you know how to upload an animated GIF as your NFTs collection profile picture on OpenSea. Opensea currently doesn’t allow uploading gif files as an account profile picture. Whenever opensea will allow I will write a tutorial about it. Follow the steps above to upload a gif file as your NFTs collection profile picture. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know in the comment section. I would love to help. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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