How To Refresh Metadata On OpenSea? 5 Easy Steps To Follow

In this post, I will discuss how to refresh metadata on OpenSea. But what is the reason why anyone would refresh metadata opensea. I will also tell you the reasons why we refresh the metadata of NFTs on opensea. In case you don’t know what is NFT metadata. Let me give a short introduction to NFT and NFT metadata.

What is NFT and NFT MetaData?

NFT (non-fungible token) is one of the applications of blockchain. One of the biggest uses of blockchain core technology is the tokenization of individual assets as a unit of value in the blockchain environment. Assets uploaded to the blockchain are classified into two types:

  • Fungible goods: fungible and exchangeable products, such as money, silver, gold, oil or even grain that are tokenized using the ERC-720 standard.
  • Non-fungible goods: products and goods that cannot be replaced because they are original, only one such as paintings, songs, photos, videos, etc. These goods use ERC tokens- 721.

Therefore, it can be understood that NFT (non-fungible token) is a type of digital personal property, an item representing original products and goods, most notably creative works of art. Technically, the common form of NFT is a metadata file containing all information about the original work encrypted or itemized on the blockchain (tokenized) with a structure consisting of 2 main components. is the tokenid (generated with the token, imagine this is the token’s fingerprint) and the contract address is the address where these tokens can be viewed and exchanged between blockchain users, and includes a lot of information. important information such as the author or the author’s blockchain wallet address, etc.). The combination of these factors makes that NFT unique and cannot be copied or replaced. Therefore, the NFT is an original, non-replaceable product. And anything that can be digitized can become an NFT.

NFT and copyright In fact, the original product is only needed in the first stage to generate the token ID and contract address, thereby forming a complete NFT. Therefore, in theory, copyright does not have too much impact on NFT, but NFT may contribute to making the environment for exchanging, exploiting and using intellectual property gradually become transparent and clear. Due to the unique nature of NFT, it is not possible to copy especially intellectual property that is being used in digital form.

Basically digital asset is a multimedia file like PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, or an MP4. To convert this digital file to an NFT, we have to tokenize this on the blockchain. So this multimedia file can not be stored directly on blockchain because it will cost a lot to mint it. So metadata is NFT details, type of file, artist details, transaction records, etc that are minted on blockchain to tokenize the digital asset. The metadata is a JSON file that contains these details. This how it looks like:


Image source: nftsschool

But If we create NFTs on opensea we do not have to handle this NFTs metadata manually. Anybody who doesn’t know blockchain technology can mint NFTs on opensea.

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Why We Need to Refresh Metadata on Opensea of NFTs:

If everything is going fine why do we need to refresh metadata on opensea. Let’s suppose you have created an NFT and your friend also created an NFT on his opensea profile separately. But your  NFT is showing, meaning your NFT is not displaying to you.  But meanwhile your friend’s NFT is displaying to him. So what is the reason? In this case, we need to refresh our metadata to fix this issue. 

How To Refresh Metadata On OpenSea? Step by Step Guide:

If you are unable to see your NFT, you have to refresh metadata on opensea. So you can see your NFT. Let’s refresh metadata opensea.

  • Open OpenSea and login to your account
  • Click on your profile icon in the top menu Or go to the collection by hovering on your profile
  • You will see your NFTs
  • Open your NFT that is not showing
  • Now you will be able to see this metadata refresh button

  • Click this “Refresh Metadata” button and your metadata will be refreshed.
  • Now reload your webpage from your browser refresh button

You will be able to see your NFT but if you are still not able to see NFT wait for a few minutes and reload your webpage again.



Final Thoughts:

So this is how you can refresh metadata on Opensea if you are not seeing your NFT. If you have any further queries or suggestions do not hesitate to ask. Would love to answer any questions you may have. 

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