How To Get Followers On Rarible? Formula Works 100%

In this post, we will discuss how to get followers on rarible. Rarible is the second most popular marketplace after opensea. When you are an artist and want to sell your NFTs, rarible followers matter a lot. Or if you are not an artist but still want to sell your NFTs, rarible followers also matter a lot. Having more followers is a plus. Because your collection will reach a big audience and a big audience means a high chance of selling your NFT at a good price. Let’s back to the topic. Our topic was to get followers on rarible. 

How To Get Followers On Rarible?

You can get followers on rarible using different ways. I would strongly suggest you try a publish an NFTs collection before you seek followers. People do not bother to follow empty accounts. Some ways are organic and some are shady. I will discuss the organic and legit ways first.

Giveaway on Reddit & Discord:

Yes, You can gain followers by simply performing giveaways on reddit and discord. You can join subreddits of rarible there you find a huge community of NFT enthusiasts and you can do a free giveaway of NFTs in just the reward of following you. You can also free giveaway on discord as well to gain followers. This is the pure organic way to gain active rarible followers and my favorite.

Share on social media:

You can share your rarible account on social media and can ask your friends and family members to follow you on rarible. With this method, you will gain few followers but believe me, totally worth it in the beginning. This little count will give people push to follow you that some people already following you. 

You can also share your link in the Facebook groups and ask for a follow and follow back others. 

Stay active on discord and promote your NFTs:

You can help others on discord servers with the basic questions and doing this will get you their trust. After that, you can follow indirectly to others. Stay active in the servers so everybody knows you. You can promote your NFTs and ask for followers. 

Buying online followers:

There are a lot of online platforms available offering you paid rarible followers. This is the shady way and I do not recommend this way but some people buy from these online platforms.

Final thoughts:

So these are the ways to get followers on rarbile. If you have some other legit and working ways please do tell me in the comment section. You can also ask questions if you have any. I would love to answer and help. 

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