How To Create a MetaMask Wallet? Step By Step Guide

MetaMask is one of the most famous Ethereum blockchain-based crypto wallets that is used for transactions on the Ethereum block. This wallet is mostly used by NFT enthusiasts to buy and sell NFTs. In this post, I will discuss how to create a metamask wallet to trade your NFTs. 

First of all, we have to download metamask wallet. You can download it as a browser extension and a mobile app, you can download it as your preference. 

How to create a MetaMask wallet? Step-by-step Guide:

Open MetaMask website You will have multiple options for installation.

For this tutorial, I’m going with the Chrome extension but the process will remain the same to create a metamask wallet for any option. 

After clicking on “Install MetaMask for Chrom”.You’ll be redirected to the chrome extension page where you can install this MetaMask Chrome extension.

how to create a metamask wallet

Click on “Add to Chrome” to install this MetaMask extension to your browser. After the installation of the MetaMask chrome extension, you will have an interface like this.

how to create a metamask wallet

Click on “Get Started”.

how to create a metamask wallet

It will show you two options. Import a wallet, if you have already created your account, and create a wallet, if you want to create a new wallet. If you already have created your metamask wallet you can import it by adding your secret recovery phrase. I’m going to create a new wallet for this tutorial. Click on create wallet and you will have some terms and conditions.

how to create a metamask wallet

Click on I agree after reading all the points carefully. Now it will ask you to create a password for your wallet. 

how to create a metamask wallet

Click on create after putting in your password. Now you will have a video tutorial about securing your wallet like this.

I recommend you to watch this complete 1-minute video carefully. In this video, MetaMask informs users about the importance of the secret security phrase and how you can keep your security phrase secure. A secret recovery phrase is a combination of 12 words that creates a unique sentence. Click on “Next”.

how to create a metamask wallet

Click on the lock and it will reveal your secret words. Copy that secret recovery phrase and write it down on paper right away because after this step you will have to confirm your secret phrase in the right order. Click on “Next”. Now you will have the option to create your own secret recovery phrase for your metamask wallet.

how to create a metamask wallet

Now click on words one by one as per your preference and confirm your 12-word long secret recovery phrase for your wallet that you have copied from the previous screen. After selecting words in the right order. Click on confirm and your MetaMask wallet will be created.

how to create a metamask wallet

You will have this screen. That is all you have to do to create a metamask wallet. Now, your metamask wallet is successfully created. After clicking on “All Done” you will have your wallet screen. Something like this.


Ethereum blockchain is the most popular blockchain in the NFT and crypto space. So if you want to jump into the NFT space, metamask is one for you. There are many other blockchain wallets also available in the market but the most popular is MetaMask. Securing your metamask should be the first priority, the best method to save your security recovery phrase is to write it on two or three different papers and save them in different secure places.

Make sure no one has access to them. Because if someone has access to your security phrase, they can easily steal your blockchain assets. If you lost your security phrase there is no way to recover your wallet even the metamask team can not help you to recover it. So this is how decentralization work. You have complete control of your wallet. No third party is involved like banks. You can access your metamask wallet through an android or iOS application by simply downloading it to your smartphone.

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