How to Block a Website on Your Computer Without Using Software

When you use a computer, there will be many different websites that provide different information to users. But among them, there are also some websites with bad content that make you want to block that website, but you don’t know how to block that website quickly and thoroughly. Today, I will show you how to block a website on your computer without installing any softwares.

1. How to Block a Website on Your Computer Simply by Editing the Hosts File

Step 1: You must find the folder containing the hosts file by following the following path: “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”. You can open each section to get there, you can also copy this link and paste it into the address box in the File Explorer folder and press Enter.

How to Block a Website on Your Computer

Step 2: When you have reached the folder containing the host file, you need to open this host file, but this host file does not have the default opening tool installed. You right-click on the hosts file and select Open With and select Notepad.

How to Block a Website on Your Computer

Step 3: Once you open the hosts file with Notepad, enter the following command line. [web address to block]

For example: If you want to block Google, you enter the command line, and if you want to block facebook, As for other websites, you create the same command.

How to Block a Website on Your Computer

Step 4: After adding the command lines, you proceed to save the hosts file by choosing File -> Save.

So the website you need to block has been blocked.

If you want to unblock the website you just blocked, you just need to repeat the above step and delete the lines we just added.

2. How to block a website on your computer with the Blocksite utility

If editing the hosts file gives you too much of a headache, you can also refer to the following way by using the utility available on Google Chrome, Firefix etc.

First, visit the following link to install the Blocksite utility into your browser.


Then you select Add to Chrome (Add to Chrome) so that the extension is installed into the browser.

When the utility is installed, you proceed to open it and add the Web sites you need to block into the utility.

So your website has been blocked by Blocksite. And if you want to unblock the site, repeat the steps above. And at this point, select the red circle except that the web has been removed from the block list.

Thus, I have shown you how to block a website on your computer without installing any softwares but still effective.

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