10 Best Discord Servers for Web Developers

Discord is a chat application commonly used by gamers but recently it has evolved into a community where people with common interests can gather and discuss specific topics. Joining a community is the best way to develop into an expert in a certain field.

For web developers, discord can be a place to help them improve. There are many communities on Discord, also known as servers, where web developers can connect and share ideas with peers or learn from each other. Here are the 10 best discord servers for developers.

10 Best Discover Servers for Web Developers

1. The Coding Den

The Coding Den is a community of over 117,000 members. This Discord Server supports and teaches young programmers how to master programming languages. In The Coding Den, you’ll find software and web development professionals assisting openers in any aspect of coding.

The experts on this server also regularly host community discussions where newbies can learn specific programming languages such as Java, Python, Regex, and Database. The Coding Den is primarily created to assist newbies in the field of web development and guide them until they become experts in the field.

2. Devcord

Devcord is one of the best Discord channels for front-end developers. This community will answer questions related to front-end development and coding. It has around 39,000+ members with front-end experts and many novice developers.

Devcord offers a lot of support to individuals who want to become a freelance front-end developer. In addition to supporting newcomers, Devcord experts also assign roles to themselves. In this way, they can effectively guide other members on the server and support the platform’s moderators.

Devcord also offers options for customers to post jobs or hire developers on the platform. Therefore, it also acts as a recruitment channel, finding jobs for developers.

3. Reactiflux

Server Discord Reactiflux focuses on the React and JavaScript programming languages. With over 200,000 members, it is one of the largest and best discord servers for developers. On Reactiflux, experts also answer questions about Relay, Redux, and GraphQL.

They host Q&A sessions for newbies to learn skills from seasoned developers, and you’ll also see web developer job boards. They also schedule events to help other developers boost capabilities.

The biggest advantage of joining Reactiflux is that experts also help you evaluate your resume. You also have free access to library and tool resources available to the community.

4. Nodeiflux

Nodeiflux and Reactiflux servers are managed by the same operating team. However, in Nodeiflux, experts usually only answer queries during Node.js development and server-side JavaScript usage. In addition, they help with code reviews and general technology information.

The best part is that you can also get side gigs to kickstart your career and find the latest updates in the tech industry. Nodeiflux has over 8,000 members.

5. CodeSupport

More than 23,000 people are members of the CodeSupport server, where both programmers and web developers get support. When joining CodeSupport, members will be provided with a color card to designate their role on the server. The people in charge of and moderating everything will have a blue label.

Some verified experts who specialize in providing suggestions or answers to questions on the platform will be labeled in green. These experts are very trustworthy and they are on a mission to provide accurate and verifiable information on questions related to web development.

CodeSupport is also well known for supporting developers using the Python programming language. They help with code reviews, which is very helpful for novice developers. Although you are prohibited from sending direct messages to other members, you can participate in public chats on the server.

6. TensorFlow

TensorFlow brings together over 10,000 web developers. They provide support for web development through questions related to JavaScript, Python, general AI ethics, and convolutional neural networks. On this platform, experts and novices share ideas and talk about the latest developments in TensorFlow and how to navigate its open source library.

This server has a network of web developers willing to review code and collaborate on projects with other developers. TensorFlow is for developers of all experience levels and even “newbies”. It gives you all the support you need as long as you are willing to learn.

7. SpeakJS

SpeakJS is a server designed specifically for Java developers and is suitable for both experts and novices in the field. This server provides a platform where web developers dissect every element of JavaScript, make recommendations, and learn about the latest developments.

In SpeakJS, members can review code for bugs, collaborate, and participate in group sessions to deepen their understanding of JavaScript. In addition to knowledge, SpeakJS is also a place to help you grow with direction as a web developer.

8. The Programmer’s Hangout

The Programmer’s Hangout is a place where young programmers can meet seasoned developers and learn directly from them. At this Discord server, experts will assist you in a variety of programming languages of your choice.

They also provide tutorials for newbies to help them become experts. Besides web development, The Programmer’s Hangout also offers training in mobile app development, game development and process theory which is great for web developers who also interested in these areas.

The Programmer’s Hangout currently has more than 139,000 members.

9. Python

Python is the official Discord server from the original owner of the Python programming language and has over 300,000 members. It discusses everything about Python, one of the major programming languages around the globe. Plus, since Python is such a popular language, it’s easy to find an expert in your time zone to connect with.

With its popularity, Python is also a place where experts guide other members. This community is also open to all developers of all levels.

10. TypeScript Community

Like SpeakJS and Python, the TypeScript Community server provides support for TypeScript developers. TypeScript is an open source programming language built on top of JavaScript, so it can be a bit complicated. Therefore, learning this language requires support from experts.

This community is a comprehensive and constructive network of users from all over the world. You can find free resources, support like code reviews and collaboration… Plus, the experts here provide tutorials on website translation and DevOps. Currently, TypeScript Community has over 39,000 members.

Criteria for selecting the best Discord servers for web developers

When it comes to finding the best Discord servers for web developers, there are certain criteria that can help you determine which ones are worth your time and energy. These criteria are essential for ensuring that you join an active community that provides quality discussions and valuable resources.

First and foremost, an active community is critical for ensuring that you can engage with other web developers and exchange knowledge and ideas. Look for servers that have a large number of active members who are passionate about web development and eager to discuss the latest trends and tools in the field.

Secondly, the quality of discussion is crucial when it comes to finding the best Discord servers for web developers. You want to join a server where members engage in meaningful and constructive conversations about web development topics. A server that is overrun with spam or irrelevant posts can be frustrating and unproductive, so be sure to join a community where high-quality discussion is the norm.

Thirdly, resource availability is also a key factor to consider. Look for servers that provide access to useful resources, such as articles, tutorials, or tools that can help you improve your web development skills. These resources can be invaluable for helping you stay up to date with the latest web development trends and techniques.

Finally, access to experts is essential for finding the best Discord servers for web developers. Join a community where you can connect with web development experts who are willing to share their knowledge and offer guidance. Being able to ask questions and receive expert advice can help you overcome obstacles and take your web development skills to the next level.

By considering these criteria when choosing the best Discord servers for web developers, you can find communities that are both engaging and valuable. Keep in mind that different servers may offer varying degrees of these criteria, so be sure to explore your options and choose the ones that best suit your needs and interests.

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