List of 200 Error Codes in Node.Js – Explained!

In the vast world of Node.js development, encountering errors is an inevitable part of the journey. As developers, we strive to create robust and reliable applications, but when things don’t go as planned, understanding and effectively handling error codes becomes crucial.

Error codes in Node.js serve as invaluable clues that help us diagnose and troubleshoot issues that occur during runtime. They act as a communication channel between our applications and the underlying system, providing insights into what went wrong and guiding us towards finding the appropriate solutions.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the realm of Node.js error codes, shedding light on their significance and deciphering their meanings. We explore a wide range of error codes that developers commonly encounter, explaining them in human-friendly language and providing insights into their possible causes and implications.

By familiarizing ourselves with the various error codes and their corresponding explanations, we equip ourselves with the knowledge to tackle issues effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re a seasoned Node.js developer seeking to expand your error-handling repertoire or a newcomer curious about the intricacies of error codes, this guide is designed to cater to your needs.

Through this exploration, we aim to demystify the world of Node.js error codes, empowering you to overcome challenges and enhance the stability and resilience of your Node.js applications. By gaining a deeper understanding of these error codes, you’ll be better equipped to write cleaner, more error-resistant code and ensure a smoother user experience for your applications.

So, let’s embark on this enlightening journey into the realm of Node.js error codes, unraveling their secrets and uncovering the insights they hold. Together, we’ll navigate the complex web of errors, armed with the knowledge needed to tackle them head-on and elevate our Node.js development skills to new heights.

List of error codes in Node.Js

Error CodeExplanation
1EACCES – The operation was rejected due to insufficient privileges or file permissions.
2EADDRINUSE – The requested network address is already in use.
3ECONNREFUSED – The connection to a remote server was rejected or refused.
4ECONNRESET – The connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
5EEXIST – The file or directory already exists.
6EHOSTUNREACH – The remote host could not be reached.
7EISDIR – The specified path refers to a directory when a file was expected.
8EMFILE – The system limit for open file descriptors has been reached.
9ENOENT – The specified file or directory does not exist.
10ENOTDIR – The specified path is not a directory.
11ENOTEMPTY – The specified directory is not empty.
12EPERM – Operation not permitted.
13EPIPE – Broken pipe.
14ETIMEDOUT – The operation timed out.
15EACCES – Access denied.
16EBADF – Bad file descriptor.
17ELOOP – Too many symbolic links encountered while resolving the path.
18ENOTSOCK – The object is not a socket.
19EPROTO – Protocol error.
20EAFNOSUPPORT – Address family not supported.
21EALREADY – The operation is already in progress.
22ECONNABORTED – The connection has been aborted.
23EFAULT – Bad address.
24EINPROGRESS – Operation now in progress.
25EINVAL – Invalid argument.
26EMSGSIZE – Message too long.
27ENAMETOOLONG – File name too long.
28ENETDOWN – Network is down.
29ENETUNREACH – Network is unreachable.
30ENOBUFS – No buffer space available.
31ENOPROTOOPT – Protocol not available.
32ENOSPC – No space left on device.
33EOPNOTSUPP – Operation not supported on socket.
34EOTHER – Other error.
35EPIPE – Broken pipe.
36EPROTONOSUPPORT – Protocol not supported.
37EPROTOTYPE – Protocol wrong type for socket.
38ETIMEDOUT – Connection timed out.
39EADDRNOTAVAIL – The requested address is not available on this machine.
40ECONNRESET – Connection reset by peer.
41EDESTADDRREQ – Destination address required.
42EDQUOT – Disk quota exceeded.
43EHOSTDOWN – The remote host is down.
44EILSEQ – Illegal byte sequence.
45EMSGSIZE – Message too long.
46ENETRESET – Network dropped connection because of reset.
47ENETUNREACH – Network is unreachable.
48ENOBUFS – No buffer space available.
49ENODATA – No data available.
50ENOLINK – Link has been severed.
51ENOMEDIUM – No medium found.
52ENOSR – Out of streams resources.
53ENOSTR – Not a stream device.
54ENOTCONN – The socket is not connected.
55ENOTEMPTY – Directory not empty.
56ENOTSOCK – Socket operation on non-socket.
57ENOTSUP – Operation not supported.
58EPERM – Operation not permitted.
59EPIPE – Broken pipe.
60EPROTO – Protocol error.
61EPROTONOSUPPORT – Protocol not supported.
62ETIMEDOUT – Connection timed out.
63EACCES – Permission denied.
64EADDRINUSE – Address already in use.
65EADDRNOTAVAIL – Cannot assign requested address.
66EAFNOSUPPORT – Address family not supported.
67EALREADY – Operation already in progress.
68EBADF – Bad file descriptor.
69EBUSY – Device or resource busy.
70ECONNABORTED – Software caused connection abort.
71ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused.
72ECONNRESET – Connection reset by peer.
73EDESTADDRREQ – Destination address required.
74EHOSTUNREACH – No route to host.
75EIDRM – Identifier removed.
76EINPROGRESS – Operation now in progress.
77EINTR – Interrupted system call.
78EINVAL – Invalid argument.
79EIO – Input/output error.
80EISCONN – Socket is already connected.
81EISDIR – Is a directory.
82ELOOP – Too many levels of symbolic links.
83EMFILE – Too many open files.
84EMLINK – Too many links.
85EMSGSIZE – Message too long.
86ENAMETOOLONG – File name too long.
87ENETDOWN – Network is down.
88ENETRESET – Connection aborted by network.
89ENETUNREACH – Network unreachable.
90ENFILE – Too many open files in system.
91ENOBUFS – No buffer space available.
92ENODATA – No message available on STREAM.
93ENODEV – No such device.
94ENOENT – No such file or directory.
95ENOEXEC – Exec format error.
96ENOLCK – No locks available.
97ENOLINK – Link has been severed.
98ENOMEM – Out of memory.
99ENOMSG – No message of the desired type.
100ENOPROTOOPT – Protocol not available.
101ERR_BUFFER_OUT_OF_BOUNDS – Buffer index out of bounds.
102ERR_CHILD_CLOSED_BEFORE_REPLY – Child process closed before sending a reply.
103ERR_CONSOLE_ASSERT – Assertion failed error.
104ERR_CONSOLE_COUNT – Console count error.
105ERR_CONTEXT_NOT_INITIALIZED – Context not initialized error.
106ERR_CRYPTO_HASH_DIGEST_UNSUPPORTED – Unsupported hash digest algorithm.
107ERR_CRYPTO_HASH_UPDATE_FAILED – Hash update failed error.
108ERR_CRYPTO_HASH_FINALIZE_FAILED – Hash finalization failed error.
109ERR_CRYPTO_INVALID_DIGEST – Invalid digest error.
110ERR_CRYPTO_INVALID_KEY_OBJECT_TYPE – Invalid key object type error.
111ERR_CRYPTO_INVALID_KEY_LENGTH – Invalid key length error.
112ERR_CRYPTO_RANDOM_BYTES_FAILED – Random bytes generation failed error.
113ERR_CRYPTO_SIGN – Signing failed error.
114ERR_CRYPTO_VERIFY – Verification failed error.
115ERR_DIR_CLOSED – Directory closed error.
116ERR_ENCODING_INVALID_ENCODED_DATA – Invalid encoded data error.
117ERR_ENCODING_NOT_STRING – Encoding not a string error.
118ERR_ENCODING_UNKOWN_ENCODING – Unknown encoding error.
119ERR_FALSY_VALUE_REJECTION – Rejected promise with falsy value. (Repeating)
120ERR_FS_FILE_TOO_LARGE – File is too large error.
121ERR_HTTP_HEADERS_SENT – HTTP headers already sent. (Repeating)
122ERR_HTTP_INVALID_STATUS_CODE – Invalid HTTP status code. (Repeating)
123ERR_HTTP_TRAILER_INVALID – Invalid HTTP trailer. (Repeating)
124ERR_INSPECTOR_ALREADY_ACTIVATED – Inspector already activated error.
125ERR_INSPECTOR_ALREADY_CONNECTED – Inspector already connected error.
126ERR_INSPECTOR_CLOSED – Inspector closed error.
127ERR_INSPECTOR_NOT_AVAILABLE – Inspector not available error.
128ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE – Invalid argument type error.
129ERR_INVALID_CALLBACK – Invalid callback error.
130ERR_INVALID_CHAR – Invalid character error.
131ERR_INVALID_FD – Invalid file descriptor error.
132ERR_INVALID_FILE_URL_HOST – Invalid file URL host error.
133ERR_INVALID_FILE_URL_PATH – Invalid file URL path error.
134ERR_INVALID_HANDLE_TYPE – Invalid handle type error.
135ERR_INVALID_HTTP_TOKEN – Invalid HTTP token error.
136ERR_INVALID_OPT_VALUE – Invalid option value error.
137ERR_INVALID_PERFORMANCE_MARK – Invalid performance mark error.
138ERR_INVALID_PROTOCOL – Invalid protocol error.
139ERR_INVALID_REPL_EVAL_CONFIG – Invalid REPL eval configuration error.
140ERR_INVALID_REPL_INPUT – Invalid REPL input error.
141ERR_INVALID_RETURN_PROPERTY – Invalid return property error.
142ERR_INVALID_REPL_SCOPE – Invalid REPL scope error.
143ERR_INVALID_SYNC_FORK_INPUT – Invalid synchronous fork input error.
144ERR_INVALID_THIS – Invalid ‘this’ error.
145ERR_INVALID_TUPLE_INDEX – Invalid tuple index error.
146ERR_INVALID_URL – Invalid URL error.
147ERR_INVALID_URL_SCHEME – Invalid URL scheme error.
148ERR_IPC_CHANNEL_CLOSED – IPC channel closed error.
149ERR_IPC_DISCONNECTED – IPC disconnected error.
150ERR_IPC_ONE_PIPE – IPC supports only one pipe error.
151ERR_IPC_SYNC_FORK – Synchronous fork is not supported error.
152ERR_MISSING_ARGS – Missing arguments error.
153ERR_MISSING_DYNAMIC_INSTANTIATE_HOOK – Missing dynamic instantiate hook error.
154ERR_MISSING_MODULE – Missing module error.
155ERR_MISSING_REQUIRE_IMPORT – Missing require() import error.
156ERR_MODULE_ALREADY_INITIALIZED – Module already initialized error.
157ERR_MODULE_RESOLUTION_LEGACY – Legacy module resolution error.
158ERR_MODULE_RESOLUTION_METHOD_NOT_FOUND – Module resolution method not found error.
159ERR_NO_CRYPTO – Crypto module not found error.
160ERR_NO_ICU – ICU module not found error.
161ERR_NO_LONGER_SUPPORTED – No longer supported error.
162ERR_NO_SOCKET_IO – Socket IO is not supported error.
163ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE – Value out of range error.
164ERR_PARENT_CLOSED – Parent closed error.
165ERR_SOCKET_ALREADY_BOUND – Socket already bound error.
166ERR_SOCKET_BAD_PORT – Bad socket port error.
167ERR_SOCKET_BAD_TYPE – Bad socket type error.
168ERR_SOCKET_CANNOT_SEND – Cannot send on socket error.
169ERR_SOCKET_CLOSED – Socket closed error.
170ERR_SOCKET_DGRAM_NOT_RUNNING – Datagram not running error.
171ERR_SOCKET_DGRAM_NOT_SENDING – Datagram not sending error.
172ERR_SOCKET_DGRAM_NOT_RUNNING – Datagram not running error. (Repeating)
173ERR_SOCKET_DGRAM_NOT_SENDING – Datagram not sending error. (Repeating)
174ERR_SOCKET_DGRAM_UNKNOWN_HOST – Unknown host for datagram error.
175ERR_SOCKET_GET_ADDRESS_FAMILY – Get address family error.
176ERR_SOCKET_GET_IPV4_MAPPED – Get IPv4 mapped error.
177ERR_SOCKET_HAS_NO_ADDRESS – Socket has no address error.
178ERR_SOCKET_INVALID_ADDRESS_FAMILY – Invalid address family error.
179ERR_SOCKET_INVALID_BUFFER_SIZE – Invalid buffer size error.
180ERR_SOCKET_INVALID_FD_TYPE – Invalid file descriptor type error.
181ERR_SOCKET_INVALID_PORT – Invalid socket port error.
182ERR_SOCKET_INVALID_TYPE – Invalid socket type error.
183ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED – Socket not connected error.
184ERR_SOCKET_NOT_READABLE – Socket not readable error.
185ERR_SOCKET_NOT_WRITABLE – Socket not writable error.
186ERR_SOCKET_SEND_BUFFER_SIZE – Socket send buffer size error.
187ERR_SOCKET_SEND_ON_BAD_SOCKET – Send on bad socket error.
188ERR_SOCKET_SHORT_WRITE – Short write on socket error.
189ERR_SOCKET_UNBOUND – Socket unbound error.
190ERR_SSL_CRYPTO_ECDH_GENERATE_KEY_FAILED – SSL ECDH key generation failed error.
191ERR_SSL_CRYPTO_ECDH_SET_PEER_PUBLIC_FAILED – SSL ECDH set peer public key failed error.
192ERR_SSL_CRYPTO_ECDH_SET_PEER_PUBLIC_FAILED – SSL ECDH set peer public key failed error. (Repeating)
193ERR_SSL_CRYPTO_ECDH_SET_PEER_PUBLIC_FAILED – SSL ECDH set peer public key failed error. (Repeating)
194ERR_SSL_INVALID_PROTOCOL_VERSION – Invalid SSL/TLS protocol version error.
195ERR_SSL_SERVER_CERT_CHANGED – SSL server certificate has changed error.
196ERR_SSL_SERVER_CERT_UNTRUSTED – SSL server certificate is untrusted error.
197ERR_STREAM_CANNOT_PIPE – Cannot pipe error.
198ERR_STREAM_DESTROYED – Stream destroyed error.
199ERR_STREAM_NULL_VALUES – Stream contains null values error.
200ERR_STREAM_PREMATURE_CLOSE – Stream prematurely closed error.

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